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Our Story

Does it matter? Not really, but here’s something we’ve cooked up!

It was long ago...very long ago, and late…very, very late. The Black Rhino was out cold on the couch, and Raoul Duke was running amok in the field behind the guest houses, discharging large-caliber firearms at whatever he imagined was moving ahead of him in the field.

And long time drinking buddies Joe Printz and Doug Stone were, well…hungry. Ravenously would-walk-a-mile-for-a-White-Castle hungry.

Determined to sate their hunger, they found their way undetected to the kitchen. There, while Doug breached the adjoining bar room and stirred up round after round of mezcal cocktails, Joe rifled through the kitchen pantry, refrigerators, and spice racks, collecting ingredients…ultimately finding enough makings to create a few pizzas.

contestants on the TV show chopped
man pouring cocktail into glass

An hour or so later - after multiple sightings of air-born UFDoughs, the repetitive sound of ice cubes splashing boozy cocktails and a flurry of slicing, chopping, shredding, high-heat flash baking, and finally garnishing - those with the fortitude to still be standing were treated to the most outrageous pizzas…pizzas with crazy toppings…pizza made with as-wacky-as-they-were-delicious doughs, each pie mouthwatering and bursting with flavor layered on top of flavor…and each consumed voraciously, disappearing in a matter of minutes, despite everyone’s best efforts to savor every bite.

At that hour, what else would you expect?

And when the sun appeared and the smoke cleared the next morning, those with still sated bellies knew they had been part of an exceptional gastronomic experience that night.

Many years later, having created DVine Bar with Executive Chef Chris Holland - one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed fine dining destinations in the lower Hudson Valley - Joe found himself restless. Call it a mid-life culinary crisis, but Joe needed more.

One afternoon, after wandering mentally for months, Joe landed on Doug’s front porch, whiskey bottle in hand, and a look on his face that said “I’m hungry, Doug. I need something… lots of ice cubes, and…something.”

server talking to customers at a table
people sitting and posing for a photo

Several ice trays later on that sunny spring afternoon, eventually finding themselves under siege by the same hunger pangs they experienced so many years earlier, Doug and Joe decided the world needed better pizza: Pizza that would shatter everyone’s notion of “pizza”, blow your mind, curl your toes, and have you dreaming about it between visits pizza

And so in July 2018, DVine Pie first opened its doors…with Executive Chef Chris Holland overseeing the kitchen, Doug overseeing the bar and cocktails, and Joe…well…Joe overseeing it all.   
In the mood to have your toes curled? 
You’ve come to the right place.

Check out the video below!